Board Of Directors & Leadership Team


SOCOBA’s leadership team consists of passionate and dedicated professionals that are responsible for providing leadership and direction to all aspects of SOCOBA’s operations both at home and abroad. Our team is made up of our Founder/President, Treasurer, Human Resources Director and Program Manager.

Sego Seferian – Co-Founder/President
Anthony Seferian – Attorney/Treasurer
Nicholas Seferian – Co-Founder/Project Manager

Board of Directors-USA

SOCOBA’s Board of Directors manages the work of SOCOBA. Our Board shapes and steers the direction of SOCOBA by informing others of our mission, adhering to our core values, and devising strategies and key policies that further our aim. The Board also ensures that the leadership, resources, and finances in place are in alignment with SOCOBA’s key project goals and objectives. This is done through regular monitoring and strategizing formally and informally. The Board meets quarterly each year, and will also meet as needed to discuss matters that may arise. Our current Board members are:

Sego Seferian – Co-Founder/President
Nicholas Seferian – Co-Founder/ProjectManager
Anna Necheles – Portfolio Manager for Field Operations Directorate @ Federal Emergency Management Agency
Mpho Chinyolo – Former Economic Advisor to the President of Malawi @Government of Malawi
Joe D’Emidio – Program Director @YMCA Arlington Woodmont Gymnastics Center
John Gagosian 
Elise Ran
Brandon Lock – Senior Consultant @Cognosante


Board of Directors-Botswana

SOCOBA Botswana, located in Mabule, village, is essentially the home and heart of our efforts and works hand in hand with SOCOBA USA. The SOCOBA Botswana board of directors are primarily responsible for the organization and identification of our orphaned, vulnerable disabilities. In addition, they are responsible for receiving direction and guidance from the SOCOBA USA board and leadership team for all matters pertaining to building and construction, programming, and financial/beneficiary reporting. SOCOBA Botswana board members are:

Grace Koleke Tiro – Chairperson
Boitshoko Maphage –  Vice Chairperson
Patrick Molose – Secretary
Kebonye Taukobong – Vice Secretary
Gladys Motonto-Nthwane – Treasurer