Life Skills

The youth of SOCOBA face a unique and difficult challenge due to the remoteness of their villages. Opportunities for regular income and employment are scarce and this contributes to the perpetual cycle of poverty and disease. We believe that support in the following areas will help alleviate this endless cycle and improve the quality of life and health of our beneficiaries:

HIV Prevention/Treatment/Education

HIV prevention, treatment, and education is central to our mission and vision. Through partnerships like Praekelt and the local clinics and schools, we are able to connect with our youth and disseminate regular and reliable information through technology, as well as conduct routine health checks, scenario strategizing, and testing administration and monitoring.

Micro-finance/Vocational Education

 To help end poverty and begin a life of economic stability, providing vocational training and small business opportunities can vastly improve lives. We start with talent identification and interest, and provide guidance and financial support to help enable economic self-reliance.



We provide academic support and tutoring to ensure that our youth are adequately prepared for standardized testing and are keeping up with a rigorous academic life.