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Worldwide, a child dies every 40 seconds because they lack access to clean drinking water. One in three people does not have the daily minimum, 7.1 cups of water needed to survive. Women and children spend up to 6 hours a day collecting and carrying polluted and diseased water for themselves and their families for drinking, bathing, and cooking. In Mabule, Botswana, aChild’s lifeis negatively compounded because they have been orphaned by or have HIV/AIDS. Now they face a daunting challenge, the main water supply in Mabule has been contaminated and has left people with having to rely on the nearest village to get water, the village is 16 kilometers away.


WaterSeer Inc., and The Society for Children Orphaned by AIDS (SOCOBA) recently announced a partnership to distribute WaterSeers as a solution designed to mitigate the water crisis in Mabule. With this partnership, WaterSeer Inc., the leading atmospheric water collection device, and SOCOBA will ensure that WaterSeer™, alow maintenance, sustainable, green technology, deploys where it is needed the most, in Mabule, Botswana.

WaterSeer is excited to partner with the work SOCOBA is doing in Mabule, Botswana. After they conducted a site inspection and environmental impact statement, we are ready to embark on helping them to raise funds for the WaterSeer Pilot.

– Nancy Curtis, Co-found of WaterSEER INC.

Considerable Advances have been made since the concept video version of the WaterSeer device was released in October of 2016. The new devices use Solid State components and proprietary patented controls to improve performance. Recently, the WaterSeer™engineering team began bench testing and field trials of one of the WaterSeer™advance devices. The Lab Test of the proprietary device was carried out in Ft Lauderdale and testing indicated significant yields. In preliminary low power demos in an indoor, temperature and humidity controlled environment, the WaterSeer™advanced prototype delivered up to 10 US gallons in 24 hours, as predicted by the WaterSeer™ design and performance computer model(‘TheWaterSeer™Wizard’).

“Together with WaterSeer Inc., SOCOBA is building on our strong history of partnering with the best innovators for the benefit of the children of Mabule and we look forward to expanding onthatsuccessfor yearstocome,” said Sego Seferian, Founder of SOCOBA ABOUT WATERSEER WaterSeer Inc. through its Water For The World Program aims to positively impact non-profits in the world. WaterSeer is a green, low maintenance, versatile and mobile, off the grid water solution for any individual or community. WaterSeer provides an endless supply of pure water for drinking, agriculture and nature. TheWaterSeer™ Active prototype generates water by cooling ambient air and collecting the resultant water vapor condensate.

WaterSeerPrototype from WaterSeer on Vimeo.




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