mHealth: Standup4BotsYouth!

The efficacy of health care is most meaningful when patients are actively engaged participants in their healing and care. Innovative uses of technology have been demonstrated to be effective aids in improving the participation levels of patients in their own healthcare and the use of mobile health applications are proving to be valuable tools in increasing self-support measures. However, there continue to be multiple barriers that impede the flow of accurate information about HIV including: stigma and discrimination, racism, patriarchal mindsets, inadequate access to healthcare, poverty, cultural and religious bias, gender stereotypes and bias, homophobia, outdated notions of safe sex, low science literacy among healthcare workers, and the lack of a comprehensive sex education program. As result of these barriers to information, numerous people living with HIV in Mabule village and around the world remain either uninformed or misinformed about effective treatments and preventions.

The SOCOBA & Praekelt partnership addresses the physical and emotional challenges people living with or affected by HIV face. By increasing access to health education and connecting a worldwide community of support, SOCOBA & Praekelt seek to utilize modern technology and research combined with a global kinship to fight stigma and discrimination that affect the people of Mabule. In doing so, we aim to ensure that SOCOBA youth will have the opportunity to live healthy and successful lives, and through providing access to free, updated information, they can make daily improvements in their lives.

From the individuals who contract HIV to the family members and communities affected by HIV’s spread, HIV’s destruction extends far beyond infection. So, this partnership seeks to increase awareness, provide an educational tool that is easy to access, and introduce access a supportive community for everyone who faces the challenges of HIV, both indirectly and directly.

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