STEM Innovation and Cultural Exchange Program

SOCOBA encourages and supports STEM programs, as we see them as an avenue of hope and engagement for our youth. Related to this collaboration with WaterSeer, SOCOBA is dedicated to educating youth of Mabule about advances in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. To begin doing this, students at Edgemere Elementary school in Baltimore, Maryland, have begun raising funds to donate to Waterseer communities and Mabule is fortunate to be one of them. Now, the youth of Mabule will have the unique opportunity to learn about their counterpart students in Baltimore through video conferencing coordinated between Edgemere Elementary School and Mabule Primary and Mariba Secondary Schools. In doing so, the youth of Mabule will be able to develop an understanding of the new technology being tested in their village, learn about how STEM developments can be applied to solve global issues, and maintain a cultural exchange with students their own age in the United States.

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