New Site launching 2015

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What is SOCOBA?

SOCOBA, the Society for Children Orphaned by AIDS, is a non-profit corporation located in Mabule, Botswana. It is founded to provide the basic needs for survival including day care services, daily meals, and supplementary education for children and destitute villagers who have lost their parents or family members to AIDS.Children of Mabule orphaned by AIDS are in great need. Since the AIDS crisis in Africa began, Mabule and the small villages surrounding it have been devastated with a multitude of deaths of their people. In spite of several gains in providing reliable testing and free antiretroviral medications to people infected with the AIDS virus, the need to care for orphaned children in the wake of this epidemic continues to grow.

What We Do

Currently Socoba is working in Mabule, Botswana to create a day care center for the children. SOCOBA will provide the basic needs for survival, while nurturing the each individual’s capacity to become self-reliant, independent, and to develop the values of kindness, goodwill, respect for others, responsibility, and compassion for mankind: all of which are qualities fundamental to leading humane and productive lives.

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